Monday, March 17, 2008

DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist @ Roundhouse, London 13th March 2008

This was much more than one of those put on a hoodie, bob your head and try not to get stabbed gigs. Playing break-fuelled old school soul and funk through to all kinds of esoteric sound bites, Shadow and Chemist did their epic musical journey thing where you're not sure if you're in an Asian Bazaar or a '70's high school disco. They loaded up their cutting & scratching skills and just blew everyone away. Much props to them, they successfully re-fueled the love I've had for this kind of hip-hop since first listening to Shadow, J5 & other stuff lost in the mists of the '90s.
Of high entertainment value also were Matt's loud comments on the tube about how miserable the British public is which I thought one irritated commuter was going to smack him for. I think he also completely lost some recently-arrived Brazilian ladies with his friendly Italian conversation.

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