Saturday, July 21, 2007

Only girls blog about their dreams

. Wrong. I am constantly running away from some malignant figure of authority, often prison security guards or other stooges, in mine. This happens in a barren dreamscape of a prison with huge expanses across which you run but never really escape. Gates shut in front of you, there are enormous shower rooms full of attractive women but they don't like you. Despite your power to fly, or hover, across gothic roof tops, you never seem to shake that feeling in your stomach that they're right on your tail.

Terrible things happen. You hide behind open doors with heavy weights in your sock and, jumping wildly at your assailant, you realise he's actually your friend. But how do you know? Women with night gowns and a scarier zombie face than you could have imagined lurch towards your family with a razor. You scream but no sound comes out and you try to fight her off with a large maglite. And then you wake up.

These avatars, these fragmented manifestations of your self, why do they never do what you tell them to do, how do they know things that you don't know, complete your sentences when a word escapes you? In your own mind, why are you not the dominant power, why can't you control your own destiny? Which of these characters is you?

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