Friday, January 12, 2007

Erotic Gibberish

My university email account receives a fair amount of SPAM in which some of the most amazing bullshit can be found. Unlike most SPAM though, this stuff makes for excellent reading. Here are a couple of my favourites.

"Subject:Small woody not big problem anymore!

Salute dude
I don't care why your thing is so small, but 81% of women do.


"Subject:Hei man - be a BIG MAN!
YO Dude
I don't care why your meat is so small, but 74% of women do."

Both of these have obviously been composed by the same person who is a master of the irresistible opening gambit. It leaves me wondering who is writing this, what they want from me, and how the hell they come up with such intriguing bullshit.